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Just How Gullible Are We?


Why do we keep getting that Nigerian money scam email?  Who could possibly fall for it?  One would think that by now, the gig wouldn’t work – people would be on to it – and those pesky spammers would move on to another scam.  But alas, somebody out there must be falling for it.  A recent national telephone survey by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania reveals some startling statistics about gullibility in all its splendor:

49% could not detect illegal “phishing”—the activity where crooks posing as banks send emails to consumers that ask them to click on a link wanting them to verify their account.

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Data Leaks: Déjà Vu All Over Again

Data Breach

Déjà vu.  All over again.  And again.  Yet another data security break, as if the scores of breaches announced earlier weren’t already enough.  A short while ago, I posted about a tally of the security breaches indicating that the personal data of over 5 million people had been leaked or improperly accessed.  Now this, from the AP [link no longer available]:

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