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The Lori Drew Case: Does the CFAA Require Knowledge?

Lori Drew Megan Meier Case

Over at Wired’s Threat Level Blog, Kim Zetter is providing great coverage of the Lori Drew case.

Here’s her post about Tina Meier’s testimony (the mother of Megan Meier).

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Lori Drew and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Lori Drew Megan Meier Case

The Lori Drew trial is set to begin this week, and it is a travesty that this trial is even taking place. The basic facts of this case are that Drew was the mother of a teenage daughter and she created a fake MySpace profile for a fictional teen boy to befriend a classmate of her daughter’s. It remains unclear what the motivation was for creating this fake profile, but from what I’ve read, it was to learn about rumors about her daughter. This classmate, Megan Meier, befriended the fake MySpace persona. At some point, the fake persona broke up with Meier, saying he no longer wanted to be friends, and Meier committed suicide.

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The Importance of Choosing Literary References Wisely

Merchant of Venice Shakespeare

Over at WSJ blog, Dan Slater writes about a Fair Housing Act case involving a condo association that prohibited all objects in hallways. A Jewish resident challenged the rule under the Fair Housing Act because his mezuzah was removed, claiming the rule discriminated against his religion. The 7th Circuit held for the condo association [link no longer available], concluding that the rule was “neutral with respect to religion” since it applied to all objects.

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More Misguided Responses to the Megan Meier Incident

Megan Meier Lori Drew Case

Last week brought the unfortunate news that Lori Drew was indicted for a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for her ill-conceived hoax on Megan Meier. According to an MSNBC article:

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Megan Meier Case Update — Drew Indicted


I’ve blogged about the Megan Meier case a while ago. This is the case where Megan Meier, a teenager, committed suicide after her online friend from Myspace suddenly started to reject her and say mean things to her. The “friend” on Myspace was actually Lori Drew, the mother of one of her classmates, and some other individuals. They created the fake profile and were pretending to be Meier’s fictional friend.

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