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Higher Education Needs Privacy Officers and Privacy/Security Training

Daniel Solove
Founder of TeachPrivacy

Climbing Vines of Ivyby Daniel J. Solove

In 2007, Seung Cho, a student at Virginia Tech, killed 32 students and faculty and wounded 17. He then committed suicide.

One of the most troublesome things about this incident was that it might have been prevented if school officials and employees had a better grasp of privacy law. Appointed by the state governor, the Virginia Tech Review Panel issued an extensive report revealing that several University officials and employees knew about Cho’s mental instability but failed to share what they knew with each other. And nobody ever told Cho’s parents about his problems, his stalking of a female student, and his dark writings and erratic behavior. Cho’s parents said that if they had known, they would have taken him home and made him go to therapy. This is what they did when Cho had problems in high school.

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New Privacy Training Programs: US, EU, and Global Privacy Law

Daniel Solove
Founder of TeachPrivacy

by Daniel J. Solove

We have launched several new privacy training programs, including a series with brief introductions to privacy law.  We have completed a privacy training program about US Privacy Law with a video and interactive material / quiz questions.  And we just completed a training program about EU Privacy Law.  This program has a 7.5 minute video (as well as an abridged version at 4.5 minutes), and there’s a separate excerpt on the Safe Harbor Arrangement for those who only want to cover Safe Harbor in their training programs.

These programs are illustrated-as-I-talk.  You can preview the European Union Privacy Law video.

Coming soon: Global Privacy Law, which will focus heavily on the OECD Privacy Guidelines and  the APEC Privacy Framework.

European Union Privacy Training



New Financial Privacy Training Programs

Daniel Solove
Founder of TeachPrivacy

by Daniel J. Solove

We have begun producing a new program series about financial privacy.  The first two programs are completed.

The first part is an overview video that discusses the importance of financial privacy and the various laws and regulations that regulate.  These laws and regulations are discussed very broadly.  The video concludes with some key best practices for protecting financial data.  This video is made in a unique style — an animated piece of currency.

The second program focuses on the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).  The video discusses the GLBA’s scope, notice, confidentiality, data sharing, and security.  The video also explains why protecting the privacy and security of financial data is important.

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Privacy Training GLBA

There are interactive materials and quiz questions to accompany the video.

Privacy and Security Training: Why Train? What Is Effective?

Daniel Solove
Founder of TeachPrivacy

by Daniel J. Solove

I recently presented at the ABA Antitrust Spring Meeting about privacy and data security training on a panel called “Compliance Tools for In-House Chief Privacy Officers.” I discussed why all organizations should have privacy training and what makes privacy training effective. I thought I’d share with you the gist of my talk.

Why Train?

The short answer – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Privacy and security incidents can leave gaping wounds, and training can reduce the risk.

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New Privacy by Design Training Video

Daniel Solove
Founder of TeachPrivacy

I recently created this 2-minute comical cartoon vignette to teach about the importance of privacy and apps.  Far too often, apps are not designed with privacy in mind, and people install apps without considering the privacy implications.

More About Apps and Privacy

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