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Artificial Intelligence Resources  

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EU AI Act Whiteboard

European Union AI Act Course – This short, 12-minute training provides a clear and accessible overview of the EU AI Act. Prof. Solove discusses the scope of the EU AI Act, the types of unacceptable-risk AI and high-risk AI, and the various obligations of providers and deployers of high-risk AI. The course also covers AI transparency requirements and the regulation of general purpose AI.

European Union AI Act Whiteboard – The whiteboard covers the scope of the EU AI Act, the types of unacceptable-risk AI and high-risk AI, and the various obligations of providers and deployers of high-risk AI.
Free download for personal use, for a limited time. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Course – This short, 10-minute training provides the essential information to understand, develop and use AI ethically and responsibly. Professor Solove teaches the following on AI: definition and types; benefits; ethical development and usage; as well as how to prevent and mitigate the risks.

Technology and Data Ethics Course – This short, 6-minute training course discusses key ethical principles for the creation and use of technology and data. Learn ethical guidance for the creation of AI and other new technologies, as well as the collection and use of personal data.

AI Cartoons

Professor Solove offers a range of funny cartoons on AI, algorithms and big data that are perfect for presentations, corporate communications and team engagements. Explore the latest cartoons in the TeachPrivacy online store.

AI Writings

A Regulatory Roadmap to AI and PrivacyThis short essay for IAPP News is summary of Professor Solove’s longer article, Artificial Intelligence and Privacy. 

Artificial Intelligence and PrivacyProfessor Solove is delighted to post this new article draft, which aims to provide the conceptual and practical ground work for how to understand the relationship between AI and privacy as well as provide a roadmap for how privacy law should regulate AI.

AI, Algorithms, and Awful Humans – In this short, fun essay, Daniel Solove and Hideyuki (“Yuki”) Matsumi (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) contend that various arguments about human versus machine decision-making fail to account for several important considerations regarding how humans and machines decide.

AI Webinars

The FTC, Privacy, and AIProfessor Daniel Solove and Maneesha Mithal discuss recent FTC enforcement actions, algorithmic deletion, the FTC’s current rulemaking, enforcement of the health breach notification rule, the FTC’s role in regulating AI, and other issues.

Trust: What CEOs and Boards Must Know About Privacy and AIProfessor Daniel Solove interviews Dominique Shelton-Leipzig (Mayer Brown) about why the C-Suite and Board must address privacy. Dominique is the author of a new book on this topic, Trust.: Responsible AI, Innovation, Privacy and Data Leadership.  What should the C-Suite and Boards know about privacy and AI?

The Brussels Effect and Digital Empires: Global Privacy and AI Regulation – A discussion with Anu Bradford about her new book, Digital Empires: The Global Battle to Regulate Technology (Oxford 2023).

Facial Recognition and the Dubious Side of AI – Professor Daniel Solove interviews New York Times reporter Kashmir Hill about her new book, Your Face Belongs to US: A Secretive Startup’s Quest to End Privacy as We Know It (Sept. 19, 2023).

The Quantified Worker: AI and Employment – Increasingly, AI is being used in hiring decisions and for other employment purposes. Workers are placed under extensive surveillance. This webinar discusses the issues raised by an important and eye-opening new book by Ifeoma Ajunwa, The Quantified Worker: Law and Technology in the Modern Workplace.

Is AI Policy a Privacy Issue? – In a provocative essay, Omer Tene wrote that privacy policymakers should be cautious in rushing in to address AI because “AI raises a wide variety of policy issues – most of which have little to do with privacy” and when “your only tool is a hammer, you treat everything as a nail.” In this webinar, we discuss and debate this issue with Omer.

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