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Security and Privacy Awareness Training

GDPR, HIPAA, Security, and 100+ Topics

TeachPrivacy provides privacy and security training by the leading subject-matter expert.
Professor Solove excels in creating training that is engaging, memorable, and understandable.

100+ Topics

  • GDPR and Privacy Awareness
  • HIPAA and Health Data
  • FERPA and Education Data
  • Data Security and Phishing

Customize and Translate

  • Change anything
  • Translate into any language
  • Change the voiceover
  • Develop new content

Different Lengths and Styles

  • Long courses
  • Short 5-minute modules
  • Short vignettes (2-4 mins long)
  • Role-based courses



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Professor Daniel J. Solove

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“Professor Solove’s knowledge of domestic and global privacy issues, including the often dynamic regulatory environments in Asia and Europe, is unmatched. Furthermore, his ability to take complex privacy issues and reduce them to simple, teachable concepts is exceptional. It is good to be working with the best in the privacy field!”

Steve Worster, Chief Compliance Officer, StoneGate
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