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Cartoon: Internet Wolves

Cartoon Internet Wolves - TeachPrivacy Training 03

My new cartoon — a play on the famous New Yorker cartoon: “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” * * * Professor Daniel J. Solove is a law professor at George Washington University Law School. Through his company, TeachPrivacy, he has created the largest library of computer-based privacy and data security training, with […]

The Funniest Hacker Stock Photos 5.0


Back by popular demand, it’s another installment of the funniest hacker stock photos.  Because I create security awareness training (and HIPAA security training too), I’m always in the hunt for hacker photos. Hacker techniques have evolved over the years, and so have hacker stock photos. Now, many of them are created by AI.  Whether created by humans or […]

Cartoon: HIPAA Confidentiality and PHI Sharing

Cartoon HIPAA Confidentiality - TeachPrivacy HIPAA Training 01

Here’s a cartoon about HIPAA confidentiality and our modern medical system. In the old days, medical confidentiality meant that people’s health information was seen by just a handful of people – doctors and their staff. These days, health information is widely shared. Countless people see a patient’s medical records and numerous organizations are provided with […]