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HIPAA Training for Employees

At TeachPrivacy, Professor Daniel Solove has a unique approach to HIPAA privacy training and HIPAA security awareness training. We don’t produce the same old dry, boring courses that others deliver. With decades of teaching experience, Professor Solove knows how to make online HIPAA material interesting, clear, and accessible.








Visually Magnificent


“TeachPrivacy is one of the better HIPAA training tools on the market. It is designed to be used in healthcare entities of any size. In addition, TeachPrivacy has a module that can be adapted by a business associate. I highly recommend TeachPrivacy.”

–Jonathan Wallach, HIPAA Privacy Administrator/Legal Associate Scottsdale Healthcare

60+ Online HIPAA Training Topics for Your Workforce

Topics include:

  • HIPAA Privacy Training for Covered Entities
  • HIPAA Privacy Training for Business Associates
  • HIPAA Security Awareness Training
  • Online Social Media Training for Healthcare
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Training Short Topic Courses
  • Research and De-Identification

Click here for a listing of all our HIPAA courses

Click here for a listing of all our Privacy, Data Security, HIPAA, Education Privacy/FERPA, and Financial Privacy courses

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    Genuine Expertise

    Professor Daniel J. Solove is a law professor at George Washington University Law School.  An internationally-renowned expert on privacy and security law, Professor Solove has taught privacy law every year since 2000, has published 10 books and more than 50 articles, including the leading textbook on information privacy law as well as a reference book on the subject. Professor Solove has delivered lectures around the world, including keynoting a conference organized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). His LinkedIn blog has more than 1 million followers. Click here for more information about Professor Solove.

    Daniel J. Solove

    Annual HIPAA Programs in Different Lengths and Styles

    We have different comprehensive annual HIPAA privacy training and HIPAA security modules depending upon whether an entity is a covered entity or business associate.  We have online HIPAA courses to cover the material at different lengths. We also have modules in a variety of styles.

    online HIPAA training

    Micro Learning

    We have short modules (most 5 minutes or less) designed for on-demand or periodic training on key HIPAA requirements.  People often learn best with short lessons when they need them. You can build an entire library of topics to use in online training for employees.  We have so many to choose from.

    HIPAA Micro Learning

    Our Humorous Vignettes Make HIPAA Memorable

    Professor Solove has created many clever and witty cartoon vignettes to reinforce essential points about HIPAA.  Each vignette is about 2-4 minutes long.
    TeachPrivacy Training Vignettes 01

    HIPAA Games: HIPAA Really Can Be Fun!

    Our online training games will delight your workforce.

    Module Spot the HIPAA Risks 02

    HIPAA Interactive Whiteboard

    Our HIPAA Interactive Whiteboard is a dynamic infographic-style module that provides a concise overview of HIPAA in just 5.5 minutes.

    HIPAA Whiteboard Interactive - TeachPrivacy HIPAA Training

    Advanced Training on HIPAA and Healthcare Privacy Law

    Learn about HIPAA from the leading expert in privacy law. Obtain a certificate, CE credit, or CLE credit.

    We created a 3-part course series on HIPAA.  More information is here.

    Professor Solove’s Privacy+Security Academy Course Series includes a 1-hour HIPAA and Health Privacy course.  This course may be taken independently from the rest of the courses.

    HIPAA Advanced Courses