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Privacy is an essential topic for children to learn. Their lives will be fully enveloped by technologies that involve personal data.  Currently, far too little about privacy is currently taught in most K-12 schools.

I wrote The Eyemonger as a way to introduce children to the topic of privacy. I hope that this book can be the start of a series of conversations that will help educate children. To facilitate the discussion, I have prepared a handout as well as other resources that might be useful to educators and parents. These resources are free.

The EyemongerThe Book

If you’re interested in The Eyemonger, here is information about it:

ISBN13: 978-0578802688
ISBN10: 0578802686

Age range: 6-12 years

The Eyemonger is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, and Walmart.

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From Publisher’s Weekly:

Solove debuts in children’s literature with an age-appropriate, delightfully illustrated story concerned with issues of privacy. . . . Solove’s underlying theme and catchy rhymes sit perfectly on the cusp of children’s and middle-grade reading levels, and Beckwith’s eye-catching and brilliantly detailed illustrations will inspire young imaginations to soar.

Video of The Eyemonger

Here’s a free animated video with me narrating The Eyemonger.

Discussion Handout About Privacy for Use with The Eyemonger

Here’s a free handout for use to discuss privacy issues with children based on The Eyemonger. I hope that the handout will spark productive conversations. I welcome feedback on the handout.

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Educating Children About Privacy: A List of Issues

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The handout below is a list of privacy issues that are essential for children’s education. These issues should be discussed at various stages in a child’s K-12 education. The Eyemonger covers some of the issues, but it is a starting point and doesn’t cover everything.  I hope to write another book or two that cover some of the other issues on this list.

Handout - List of Privacy Issues to Educate Children

K-12 Privacy and Security Curriculum

With iKeepSafe, I developed a K-12 school curriculum for privacy and security issues. This document (29 pages) is free. It can be used by any school, educator, or parent.  It contains an overview of the privacy issues that should be taught, including which details about each issue should be covered in various grade levels.  It includes suggestions for appropriate learning activities for each grade level.  Click here for information on how to access this document.

Curriculum K-12 Schools Privacy and Security - Solove

Educator and Parent Knowledge About Privacy

Educators and parents should learn about privacy, as they play a big role in protecting children’s privacy. A while ago, I created this short video about some issues that educators should know about privacy. Although the video is addressed to educators, I think parents could learn something from watching it too. The video is free.

Developing a Privacy Program at Schools

Many schools, from K-12 to higher education, are significantly lagging behind other industries in how they protect privacy. Modern institutions have privacy programs. A privacy program consists of much more than a printout of FERPA or a policy or two. Many school officials care a lot about privacy, but without a privacy program, all the care and concern in the world will not be effective. In this guide,  Developing a Privacy Program at Schools, I discuss the issues that school officials need to address in order to effectively protect the privacy of students at their institutions.  Click here for information on how to access this document.

Developing a Privacy Program at Schools

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