HIPAA Training Guide


HIPAA has extensive training requirements, and they are often a source of many questions. To whom do they apply? What topics must be covered? How often must people be trained?

This HIPAA Training Guide, written by Professor Daniel Solove, will walk you through the HIPAA training requirements and explain what is required. It will also provide information about the most common HIPAA training best practices.

The guide covers:

  • Types of Organizations Must Provide HIPAA Training
  • HIPAA Training Length
  • Required HIPAA Privacy Training Topics
  • Required HIPAA Security Training Topics
  • Other Topics that Should Be Included in HIPAA Training
  • How Much People Should Be Told About HIPAA
  • HIPAA Role-Based Training Should Be
  • HIPAA Training Timing Requirements
  • Consequences for Inadequate HIPAA Training

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HIPAA Privacy and Security Training Guide