Frequently Asked Questions About TeachPrivacy Training

FAQs About TeachPrivacy Training

How do I deploy the training?

To deploy training there are two issues that you need to address:

  • Hosting of the Modules
  • Tracking Completion of the Modules

An LMS is required for automated tracking of who completed the training.  Without an LMS, you will need to manually track completion of your employees.  Or, you may use our LMS, which is through a third-party LMS provider.

Your options are:

  1. You use the modules in your own LMS.

Our courses are designed to work in any learning management system (LMS).  We can publish versions of our courses in SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 (all versions), AICC, and TinCan API.  We will provide the modules to you for use in your own LMS.

  1. TeachPrivacy LMS provider hosts and tracks.

We have a special arrangement with a third party LMS provider.  You will get your own dashboard and can load up information about your trainees and use the system to email trainees about the training, track trainees, and generate reports about completions.  This option will require an extra fee.  We handle all the contracting with the third party LMS provider, as we have a special arrangement with them. You will not be able to get the same pricing that we do.

  1. Another third party LMS provider hosts and tracks

You may use our modules with another third party LMS provider of your choosing.  We will supply the modules to you, which you can load up into the third party’s LMS.

  1. You host and manually track

We can supply versions of our modules with a certificate on the final slide to facilitate verification of completion.

If you want to host the modules on its server, you may do so.  The modules can be published for being hosted on a website.  The modules are easy to load up onto a website – that is how they are on our site.  You must host the modules on a portal only accessible by your employees, contractors, etc.  The modules must not be put on a publicly accessible page.

An LMS is required for automated tracking.  Without an LMS, you have to track manually.  If you want, we can facilitate this process by providing versions of our modules that have a special certificate on the final slide that only users who pass the module can fill out.   Users then take a screen shot of the final slide and email it to whomever you have designated as the person to keep track of completions.  All this is handled by you; TeachPrivacy does not gather any personal information about your employees.  When you tell your employees to take the training, you will need to provide the email address of your designated person who is keeping track.

  1. TeachPrivacy hosts with you manually tracking

We can host on our site if you have 300 or fewer trainees.  But we don’t track or collect personal data from your employees, so users would self-report to you when they complete the training.

We can post to our site versions of our modules with a certificate on the final slide.  We will provide you with a generic login to share with all your trainees.  Trainees can then login to take the training.  It is possible for different trainees to login simultaneously.  You will have a dedicated page on our site with your logo where your modules will be available.  When trainees login, they’ll be taken directly to this page.

Trainees will need to self-report completion of the module to you, and you will need to track completions.


Do I get a certificate after I complete the training?

If your organization has purchased the version of the training that you load into your own LMS system, then whether certificates are generated or not would be determined by that system.

If you purchase the training with our own LMS system, then PDF certificates would pop up as soon as the employee has completed the training and received a passing score on the quiz questions.

If you purchase the version of the training hosted on the TeachPrivacy website or hosted on your own internal website, then the last slide in the training will be a certificate that employees can copy/paste into an email and send to a compliance/tracking person to show completion.

For modules hosted on the TeachPrivacy website, our default method for facilitating your manual tracking of the modules is the Certificate with Print Screen method.

We will create a special login for your trainees to use.  Trainees will all use the same login.  Multiple trainees can be logged in simultaneously.

We will create a special landing page for your trainees with your logo where trainees can access the modules.

You will send trainees an email with (1) the login information, which includes our site’s main URL,, along with the user name and password; (2) an email address where trainees who successfully complete the course can send a screen shot of the certificate.  You can include anything else you want in your instructions.

When trainees login, they will be taken directly to a page on our website that contains their modules along with the following barebones instructions. Your email to your trainees plus the final certificate slide will contain more detailed instructions.

Here is an example of the page that they will use to take the modules.  Your logo would be on this page.

Example of Client Hosted Training Page

The modules to display a certificate when employees complete the training. Only those employees who complete the training will be prompted to enter their name and date.

Hosted Training Certificate Slide

When they press the next button, they will see a certificate that will look like this:

Sample Certificate

Because the modules are dynamic content embedded into a webpage, merely printing from one’s browser will not be sufficient.  Users must use the PRINT SCREEN key to capture a screen shot of the certificate screen and paste the screen image into an email that they send to you.

The benefits of this system are that users cannot share the passphrase.  The only drawback is if users are using computers or devices without a PRINT SCREEN key.  On most PCs, though, the PRINT SCREEN key is easy to find.  Mobile devices are a bit more complicated, but there is a way to take a picture of the screen with most devices.

You will need to supply users with an email address and instructions when you send them information about the module.


If I use TeachPrivacy’s LMS, is there a dashboard so I can monitor my employees?

If you choose the option to use the TeachPrivacy LMS provider or your own third party LMS to host and track your training, then you will get your own dashboard and can load up information about your trainees and use the system to email trainees about the training, track trainees, and generate reports about completions.

If you choose the version hosted on the TeachPrivacy website or your own internal website, you will need to manually track completions and there will not be a dashboard available.


Can you send me a price list for your training?

Pricing for our courses depends on a number of factors including the number of employees to be trained, the number and types of courses used, the duration of your training period (single year or multi-year agreement), and the degree of customization you may choose to make to a module.  Our sales team will be happy to have a discussion with you about these variables and provide you with a personalized pricing quote.  Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to connect with the team.


Can I customize the training?

Yes, you can.  Customizations already included in the price of each module purchased are:

  • We can place your logo on the title slide
  • We set the navigational controls based on your choice of the following: {1) Full Video Controls – Trainees can fast forward and reverse and can skip to the next slide before the video completes.  This type of unrestricted navigation is often used for voluntary training. (2) Limited Video Controls – Trainees can only hit play/pause but other controls are restricted.  Trainees cannot advance to the next slide until the video completes.  Often used for mandatory training
  • Grading – modules require a certain percentage correct on the quiz questions to pass and receive credit. You can choose graded or ungraded, and then within graded, you can choose 70% correct or 80% correct to pass.  In our experience, 70% correct has worked well, as users sometimes make a wrong click by accident.   This provides a little leeway for inadvertent mistakes. Most clients choose this option.

You can also choose further customizations including any of the following: translation, adding contact information to slides, adding references to specific policies, adding additional content about particular topics, developing new client-specific content, adapting quiz questions for scenarios that your employees face, changing imagery used in the training, changing the narration, and removing material or quiz questions. Please note that fees for these customizations will vary depending on the amount of changes to be done.


How often do you update the training?

All modules are kept up to date with their respective laws and regulations. When a legal requirement is changed, modules are updated to remain current with the new standards.   Otherwise, we usually refresh the modules every 2-3 years. We can also change parts of the course as a customization if you want to refresh the course content more frequently.


What languages are available?

The modules can be translated into any language for an additional fee.

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