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Cartoon: AI Bias

Cartoon AI Water - TeachPrivacy Training 02 small

Here’s a new cartoon on AI bias and the magical thinking that AI is unbiased because technology is neutral.  Bias comes from the data that algorithms use, so the bias often pollutes the output. I discuss the issue in some of my recent work, including: Artificial Intelligence and Privacy AI, Algorithms, and Awful Humans The […]

Cartoon: Internet Wolves

Cartoon Internet Wolves - TeachPrivacy Training 03

My new cartoon — a play on the famous New Yorker cartoon: “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” * * * Professor Daniel J. Solove is a law professor at George Washington University Law School. Through his company, TeachPrivacy, he has created the largest library of computer-based privacy and data security training, with […]

Cartoon: Tech Companies, Innovation, and Regulation

Cartoon - Tech Companies and Regulation - TeachPrivacy 01a small

Here’s my new cartoon about how many tech companies extol innovation, yet seem to lose that innovative spirit when it comes to regulation. With the right incentives, it’s amazing how tech companies can rise to the challenge. They can certainly innovate to address regulatory demands; instead, they often send in lobbyists to pout and complain […]