LMS Hosting and Tracking Platform


A Cloud-Based LMS

TeachPrivacy offers our training courses, packaged with a cloud-based learning management system powered by TalentLMS,  to provide a simple, straightforward solution for managing training campaigns and ensures users can easily complete their assigned courses.

You will receive a unique website URL for your organization that has your chosen training courses pre-loaded. You also receive an administrative portal where you can launch and monitor your training campaigns.  All course completion metrics are tracked and reported via an intuitive interface.

Pre-loaded Courses

You simply choose the courses that you want to have in your site and we load them for you.  Users can easily access their assigned courses without confusion.


Tracking, Reporting, and Metrics

There are many easy-to-use reporting options available to help you keep track of your campaigns.  The LMS offers both high-level infographics and granular, detailed information about course completions, certificates, log-in history, etc.

Course Report

User Report


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