A Guide to GDPR Training

GDPR Training

A Guide to GDPR Training

With the powerful new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and huge potential fines, organizations are scrambling to step up their privacy programs to become compliant.

GDPR requires workforce privacy awareness training. Under Article 39, the GDPR includes among the tasks of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) “awareness raising and training of staff involved in the processing operations.”

There are three types of training that are relevant in light of GDPR:

(1) General Workforce Privacy Awareness Training – basic privacy awareness for the entire workforce

(2) Training About GDPR — this type introduces select employee groups to the law (i.e. employees who need to know more about how GDPR works)

(3) Role-Based Training — this type is for specific roles in organizations, such as designing products and services for privacy or vendor management

Professor Daniel Solove has spent a lot of time reviewing the training requirements and thinking about the topic in light of these new developments.

His guide covers:

  • Key Elements that should be included
  • Length and Frequency of Required Training
  • Consequences for Inadequate Privacy Awareness Training
  • Training for GDPR vs. BCRs and the Privacy Shield

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