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Data Security Training Essentials Plus Package

This data security training and awareness essentials plus package of 10 training courses plus resources is designed for organizations seeking a multi-dimensional data security training and awareness program.  The short training courses and resources included are perfect for refresher training and periodic awareness initiatives.  You will also have access to our posters, as well as 6 cartoons of your choosing to enliven your data security awareness training campaign.

If you want to substitute other courses for ones included in this package, this is possible.  Please discuss it with us. 

The Data Security Training Essentials Plus Package includes the following courses and resources:


Data Security Awareness

Choose whichever version works best: 20 min or 30 min.

This program is designed to provide basic data security awareness training to the workforce of global organizations.  The course synthesizes data security best practices and explains them simply. The course covers the essential topics for protecting the security of confidential data and addresses the latest security threats.The program focuses on key concepts of data security common to all organizations as well as provides guidance on how to avoid costly data security breaches.

Data Security Training

Five Key Points of Data Security

7 minutes

This course discusses five key points for data security: (1) data security involves you; (2) create powerful passwords; (3) click with caution; (4) keep data where it belongs; and (5) be vigilant. This program can be used for refresher training or data security awareness campaigns. It can also be used as a succinct introduction to a general data security training program.

5 Key Points for Data Security


Choose whichever version works best: 6 min or 12 min.

This course is designed to raise awareness about phishing — one of the most common forms of social engineering.  The course teaches the warning signs to help trainees better spot phishing attempts, and it explains what people should do if they have any suspicions about an email or phone call.

Humans are the Biggest Data Security Risk

5 minutes

This security awareness training course explains to trainees that humans are the biggest data security risk. The course discusses how human error can lead to data breaches and how people can avoid common pitfalls and mistakes.


Humans are the Biggest Risk


6 minutes

This short program covers the types of malware. The first video provides an overview of what malware is and why it is dangerous.  The interactive slide details the five major types of malware and how users can identify them.  The second video discusses how most malware requires human action to infect a computer, how people can avoid malware and what to do (and not to do) if this ever happens.


Websites and Software

5 minutes

This short course takes a highly engaging look at the dangers of installing unauthorized software into workplace computers as well as how to detect and avoid fraudulent or malicious websites. The video uses engaging and interesting visuals and real life case examples to bring the course material alive and keep the trainee engaged.

Websites and Software


5 minutes

The course provides advice for how to use email carefully and how to detect dangerous email messages. The video demonstrates the perils of opening email attachments and clicking on links in email messages

Portable Devices and Remote Access

5 minutes

This course discusses how a very large percentage of data security breaches occur through lost or stolen laptops, USB drives, and other portable electronic devices. The course advises about the safeguards that should be taken whenever portable devices are used or data is accessed remotely.

Portable Devices and Remote Access

Data Breach

4 minutes

The program explains the causes and consequences of a data breach. It explains the importance of reporting anything suspicious that might be a breach.

Data Breach

Ransomware Attack

5 minutes

This short program consists of an interactive cartoon vignette about malware.  The program is highly interactive, and trainees engage with a scenario involving ransomware. Although this program involves ransomware, the lessons it teaches apply broadly to all malware. The program focuses on how to avoid having malware installed on one’s computer and what to do (and not to do) if this ever happens.




Data Security Cartoons

Enliven your awareness campaign with our privacy cartoons.
Choose 8 cartoons from among our many cartoons.



Data Security Cartoons



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    About TeachPrivacy and Our Training Philosophy

    Daniel Solove Privacy Awareness Training TeachPrivacy was founded by Professor Daniel J. Solove, the leading expert on privacy and data security law. He is deeply involved in the creation of all training programs because he believes that training works best when made by subject-matter experts and by people with extensive teaching experience.

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    TeachPrivacy provides privacy awareness training, information security awareness training, phishing training, HIPAA training, FERPA training, PCI training, as well as training on many other privacy and security topics.

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