HIPAA Privacy Security Update 01


Health Privacy and Security Update is a periodic briefing of new cases, statutes, articles, books, resources, and other developments. It is authored by Professors Daniel J. Solove and Paul M. Schwartz. Professors Solove and Schwartz are the co-authors of numerous articles, five casebooks, and a treatise. Their 1200-page casebook, Information Privacy Law, is the most widely used casebook on the topic, and it is now in its 5th edition.

PS Forum Ad 13Solove and Schwartz are also the co-organizers of the Privacy + Security Forum, a new annual event to break down silos between privacy and security as well as bring a more educational and rigorous approach to conferences, so that participants can learn and fill gaps in their knowledge.

You can read issues of Privacy + Security Update online Professor Solove’s LinkedIn Blog.

Through TeachPrivacy, Professor Solove provides enterprise-wide HIPAA training.  He has also created a more advanced HIPAA course series for AHIMA.

Archived Issues of Health Privacy and Security Update:

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Health Privacy + Security Update 2015 Issue 01

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