HIPAA Audit Guide & Protocol Checklist

HIPAA Audit Guide

HIPAA Audit Guide

Professor Daniel Solove and Maggie Gloeckle have written a set of references to help you navigate the process of preparing for a HIPAA audit.

This detailed HIPAA Audit Guide, find a detailed overview of the audit process covering OCR’s selection criteria, types of audits and timelines. Also, they have provided some of the questions to prepare for and samples of the types of documents you will see during the audit.

Topics covered include

  • HIPAA Audit Phases
  • HIPAA Audit Process – potential auditees, OCR communication to covered entities and business associates, HIPAA audit questionnaire, and documenting business associates
  • How the HIPAA Audit Program Works – selection of auditees, types of audts, timeline, further investigation
  • Business Associate Sample Template
  • Useful Links
  • Compliance and Enforcement Case Examples

Next, the HIPAA Audit Protocol Checklist is an Excel document that consists of a chart with the information that HHS will look for when they conduct an audit. They have taken this information from HHS and have put it into an easy-to-use and organized format, where you can filter, search, and adjust the list as necessary. You can add your notes to it as well.

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