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Want to Make HIPAA Training Fun?

Professor Daniel Solove‘s HIPAA training is highly-engaging and memorable.  It has personality. His HIPAA training is widely used because people love it.

Training must stick in the mind.  Slick corporate training programs that are bland and non-memorable are a waste of time and resources.  Many TV commercials are slick, but how many do you remember?  You likely remember the ones that had something interesting about them, that were funny, or clever, or told a powerful story.

Solove brings his 18+ years of teaching experience to his training.  He understands that great training must make people understand, care, and remember.  The material must be explained clearly, understandably, and concretely.  Our training is filled with interactivity, humor, vivid imagery, and memorable ways to visualize and remember information.


TeachPrivacy HIPAA compliance training

Highly Customizable and Versatile

Our training modules are highly customizable.  We can change anything, add anything, include information about your policies, translate, change the voiceover, and develop new content.

We have training modules of many different lengths and styles.   We have 100+ topics on privacy and security.

For example, we have interactive games that will increase retention of the key HIPAA concepts.  In the Spot the Risks game pictured below, trainees are asked to put their understanding of HIPAA into practice by identifying HIPAA violations in a hospital setting.  Feedback is given about each violation so trainees will learn to be on the lookout for HIPAA concerns as part of their day-to-day routine.

We also have short cartoon vignettes (each about 2-4 minutes long) to add spice to your current program.

You can use some of our short topic modules (each about 5 minutes long) to fill gaps.  You can use our longer courses as annual training.  We have courses for refresher training and remedial training.

We can help you build an effective program that will easily fit your organization’s budget.  You can start small and add in new modules or license packages to cover all your needs.

Impeccable Expertise

Far too often, computer-based training is produced by an unnamed author without genuine expertise, and courses are filled with inaccuracies. But with TeachPrivacy, all courses are written by Professor Solove, the leading expert on privacy and data security law.  He has published 10 books, including the leading privacy textbook in law schools and a widely-used treatise.  He is well-known among regulators around the world. His LinkedIn blog has more than 1 million followers. Click here for more information about Professor Solove.


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