HIPAA Privacy for CEs (30 min)

HIPAA Privacy for CEs (30 min)

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Extensive Version (30 mins) — NEW Version 2.0

This course provides general HIPAA privacy training for the workforce at covered entities (CEs). The course discusses how to identify protected health information (PHI), follow HIPAA’s obligations and requirements, and afford individuals their rights under HIPAA.  Professor Solove explains HIPAA clearly and understandably in a highly-engaging and memorable way. His teaching resonates with the entire workforce, from physicians and caregivers to administrators to clerical staff to environmental staff.

Drawing from his comprehensive knowledge of HIPAA, Professor Solove focuses on the issues that have led to the most confusion and greatest source of HIPAA complaints. Avoiding the long-winded and unnecessary background details of many HIPAA courses, Professor Solove cuts directly to what is important — he explains concretely what people must know to do their jobs while complying with HIPAA. The result is a course that receives rave reviews across the workforce and that people actually enjoy and learn from.

This version is about 30 minutes long and contains 10 quiz questions.  Topics covered include:

• HIPAA and Health Privacy
• Protected Health Information (PHI)
• Confidentiality
• Snooping
• Individual Rights

• Authorization
• Disclosures
• Accounting for Disclosures
• The Minimum Necessary Rule
• Enforcement

NAVIGATION:  In this version, you can skip ahead in the videos.  In the version we provide to organizations, trainees can’t skip ahead.


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The license entitles 1 individual to view this course for a period of 1 month. For a small fee, you can extend this period by another month, and you can keep extending the period for as long as you desire.

During the 1-month license period, you can view the course as many times as you want. Only 1 individual is permitted to use the license.

If you are interested in using this course for organizational training for multiple individuals, please contact us for discounted bulk rates. Please also contact us if you’re interested in licensing the course for a longer period of time or licensing multiple courses.

If you are interested in courses not available individually or in many courses, you might find the sitewide license to be the best option.

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