New Insights on Privacy Training and Building a Successful Privacy Program

New Insights on Privacy Training and
Building a Successful Privacy Program

An organization’s privacy program requires many levels to achieve compliance. A robust company-wide training program to support a global privacy program is key not only to achieving compliance, but also to building a culture of privacy throughout the organization. But with a patchwork of global and domestic privacy laws, how can privacy professionals build and deploy an effective privacy training program that addresses the different regulations?  This was a lively conversation about how to build a sustainable privacy program that achieves compliance while keeping key stakeholders engaged, ensuring costs can be justified through the benefits delivered.

Speakers include:

Daniel Solove, GW Law
Leila Golchehreh, Relyance AI

In this webinar, you will learn:
* How to get champions for your privacy program and where to find them in your business
* How to break down privacy silos so all your privacy information is in a single place
* Whether it’s better to build or buy a training program
* Key fundamentals in building your program
* Privacy training programs and key components
* How to justify the costs of a privacy training program
* How to administer privacy training

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