Global Privacy and Data Protection (25 min version)

Global Privacy and Data Protection (25 min version)

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This new course (~25 mins) is designed to provide basic privacy awareness to the workforce of global organizations. Professor Daniel Solove demonstrates his expertise on privacy regulation around the world along with his ability to synthesize privacy concepts and explain them simply. The course focuses on key concepts of privacy common across international jurisdictions as well as explains areas where approaches to privacy diverge. This course covers the rights and obligations under GDPR but also speaks more globally so that the course can work in regions around the world. This course contains 10 quiz questions.

Course Outline

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Learning Objectives
  • Understand the key concepts of privacy across international jurisdictions
  • Learn how to identify personal data
  • Understand the rights that individuals have regarding their personal data
  • Understand the organization’s responsibilities when collecting and processing personal data
  • Learn about the responsibilities organizations have when sharing data internally, externally, and across borders
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The license entitles 1 individual to view this course for a period of 1 month. For a small fee, you can extend this period by another month, and you can keep extending the period for as long as you desire.

During the 1-month license period, you can view the course as many times as you want. Only 1 individual is permitted to use the license.

If you are interested in using this course for organizational training for multiple individuals, please contact us for discounted bulk rates. Please also contact us if you’re interested in licensing the course for a longer period of time or licensing multiple courses.

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