Spot the Risks Game – Privacy and Security

Spot the Risks Game – Privacy and Security

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In this privacy awareness game (~5 minutes), trainees are asked to spot the privacy and security risks in an office. They select various parts of the office and then click on the problematic things in each scene. The program keeps track of the number of risks trainees correctly identify as well as the number of non-risks that they wrongly select. Trainees are given a score for each scene and an overall score for the program. This program is highly-engaging and fun. Feedback is provided about each risk so trainees learn many important privacy and data security best practices.

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The license entitles 1 individual to view this course for a period of 1 month. For a small fee, you can extend this period by another month, and you can keep extending the period for as long as you desire.

During the 1-month license period, you can view the course as many times as you want. Only 1 individual is permitted to use the license.

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