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Cartoon AI in Education - TeachPrivacy Training 03

Here’s another cartoon about AI. Enjoy!

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Professor Daniel J. Solove is a law professor at George Washington University Law School. Through his company, TeachPrivacy, he has created the largest library of computer-based privacy and data security training, with more than 150 courses. 

Artificial Intelligence Training Course

A basic introduction about AI for the workforce, ethical principles, and general guidance for following developing legal regulation

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Professor Solove’s Privacy Cartoon Collection

More than 100 cartoons!

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Kafka in the Age of AI and the Futility of Privacy as Control

a short 20-page essay
by Daniel Solove and Woodrow Hartzog 

Kafka in the Age of AI - an essay by Professors Daniel Solove and Woodrow Hartzog

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AI, Algorithms, and Awful Humans

a new article draft by
Hideyuki Matsumi & Daniel J. SoloveArticle - Solove Matsumi AI Algorithms Awful Humans 08

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