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Cartoon on Big Data and Information Gathering

Daniel Solove
Founder of TeachPrivacy


Cartoon on Big Data and Data Collection - TeachPrivacy Privacy Awareness Training

Here’s a cartoon I created about Big Data and information gathering that I haven’t yet posted.  Hope you enjoy it!

I recently compiled some of my cartoons into booklets.   You can download them for free here:

Privacy Cartoon Book

Privacy Cartoon Book - TeachPrivacy Training 01a

HIPAA Cartoon Book

HIPAA Cartoon Book - TeachPrivacy Training 02c

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Privacy Training for Data Privacy Day

Daniel Solove
Founder of TeachPrivacy

Data Prviacy Data Privacy Awareness Training Courses 01

Data Privacy Day Logo 01

For Data Privacy Day this year, I’m happy to make available for the day two new short privacy training programs I created in collaboration with Intel.  Ordinarily, I require a login to view my training programs, but for this day, I have put them outside the wall for anyone to see.  So click on the programs below to watch them — I’ll keep them up through the weekend.  Then, they’ll go behind the wall, so you’ll need to request an evaluation login to see them afterwards.

NOTE: These programs are now no longer publicly available.  To see them, please contact us.

The first program is a short 2-minute awareness video about Data Retention.

The second program is an 8.5 minute program called Defining Personal Information.  It seeks to explain how to identify personal information, which is a tricky issue because what counts as personal information is not static and is contextual and contingent in some cases.

These programs were created for Intel with their collaboration.  Intel graciously allowed me to add generic versions of these programs to my training course library.   And in support of Data Privacy Day, Intel was encouraging of my making them publicly available.

I. Data Retention

Privacy Awareness Training Module - Data Retention

II. Defining Personal Information

Privacy Awareness Training Module - Defining Personal Information

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