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Privacy Need Not Be Sacrificed for Security

NSA Surveillance

I’ve long been saying that privacy need not be sacrificed for security, and it makes me delighted to see that public attitudes are aligning with this view.  A Pew survey revealed that a “majority of Americans (54%) disapprove of the U.S. government’s collection of telephone and internet data as part of anti-terrorism efforts.”  The anti-NSA […]

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People Care About Privacy Despite Their Behavior

It is often said that people don’t care much about privacy these days given how much information they expose about themselves. But survey after survey emphatically concludes that people really do care about privacy. […]

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The Privacy Paradox

Privacy Paradox

Over at the New York Times’s Bits blog, Brad Stone writes: Researchers call this the privacy paradox: normally sane people have inconsistent and contradictory impulses and opinions when it comes to their safeguarding their own private information. Now some new research is beginning to document and quantify the privacy paradox. In a talk presented at […]

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