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Do Computer “Unlawful Access” Laws Exempt Improperly Accessing a Spouse’s Account?

Email - Improper Access

Do computer “unlawful access” laws exempt improperly accessing a spouse’s account?

Short answer: No. This case got considerable media attention and outrage when it was first reported.  A man accessed his wife’s email without her consent.  They were separated.  He was charged with violating the Michigan’s computer unlawful access law, MCL 752.795, which is similar to the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).  Now a court of appeals has rejected the spouse’s argument.  From the Detroit Free Press:

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The Lori Drew Case: Does the CFAA Require Knowledge?

Lori Drew Megan Meier Case

Over at Wired’s Threat Level Blog, Kim Zetter is providing great coverage of the Lori Drew case.

Here’s her post about Tina Meier’s testimony (the mother of Megan Meier).

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