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Video of My Children’s Book, THE EYEMONGER

Eyemonger Video Title Page

Here’s an animated video of my children’s book, The Eyemonger, that I narrated. If you want the print version, click here to order the book on Amazon. I also have free resources for parents and teachers to accompany the book. Publisher’s Weekly writes that The Eyemonger is a “delightfully illustrated story concerned with issues of […]

6 Great Films About Privacy and Security

By Daniel Solove I previously shared 5 of my favorite novels about privacy and security, and I’d now like to share 6 of my favorite films about these topics — because I just couldn’t whittle the list down to 5. I was thinking about my favorite films because I’ve been putting together a session at […]

The Lives of Others

The Lives of Others

I recently saw The Lives of Others and was thoroughly impressed with this film. After having seen the amazing Pan’s Labyrinth, I was stunned that another movie could win the Oscar for best foreign film of 2006 (one of the rare categories in the Oscars where worthy films actually win). But after finally seeing it, […]