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I was recently on a terrific panel called Cybersecurity and Data Security: What Every Lawyer Should Know held by Penn State Dickinson Law.  The program focused on the latest developments in cybersecurity and data privacy. The panel was moderated by Professor Daryl Lim, H. Laddie Montague Jr. Chair in Law at Penn St. Dickinson Law. Speakers included:

Daniel Solove, Professor, George Washington University Law School
Michael Bramnick, Senior Vice-President-Administration, Chief Compliance Officer & Chief of Staff, NRG
Charisse Castagnoli, General Counsel and Manager, Instapay Flexible LLC
Trent Jaeger, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, Penn State University
Kriti Lane Scott, Privacy and Civil Liberties Officer, CIA
Jack Stryker, Associate, Mullen Coughlin

You can watch the session for free at the embedded video below.

The session focused on many themes from my book with Woodrow Hartzog, BREACHED! WHY DATA SECURITY LAW FAILS AND HOW TO IMPROVE IT (Oxford University Press 2022). You can download Chapter 1 for free.
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Daniel J. Solove is John Marshall Harlan Research Professor of Law at George Washington University Law School. He is the founder of TeachPrivacy, a company that provides computer-based privacy and data security training.

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