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Tear Up Credit Card Application

One of the reasons why identity thieves are the luckiest criminals alive is because credit card companies make their crime really easy. This person at tried an experiment. He tore up his credit card application into little pieces, meticulously taped it back up, and then filled it out as follows:

Now, I wasn’t going to be able to check my mailbox for a few weeks, so I marked this little checkbox and CHANGED MY ADDRESS to my parent’s address, who are blessed with a very secure mailbox.


Also, I used my CELL PHONE NUMBER on the application. I’m not always at home, so I didn’t want to have to call from my real home to authorize the card.

The result? A shiny new credit card was sent to his parent’s address.

Check out the full story here.

It is amazing how irresponsible credit card companies can be.

Hat tip: Ann Bartow. Chris Hoofnagle has more ridiculous credit card application stories.

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