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GDPR Training Course - Extensive Version

I am excited to announce a new GDPR training course — the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)extensive version (20 mins).  My existing course is a shorter 7 min introduction; this new 20-min course provides a more detailed overview of the GDPR.

If you’re interested in evaluating the new 20-min GDPR course (or the existing 7-min GDPR course), please fill out the form on our GDPR training page.

The course is also available in the new TeachPrivacy store.

Below is an outline of the new 20-min GDPR course.

GDPR Training Course - Extensive Version

Use the form on our GDPR training page if you want to evaluate the course for your organization or go to the TeachPrivacy store if  you want to take the course for yourself.


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