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Notable Privacy and Security Books 2022

Notable Privacy Books 2022

Here are some notable books on privacy and security from 2022. This year, I celebrate the 15th anniversary from when I began these posts. To see a more comprehensive list of nonfiction works about privacy and security for all years, Professor Paul Schwartz and I maintain a resource page on Nonfiction Privacy + Security Books.
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Cartoon: Privacy Law Frankenstein

Cartoon Frankenstein Privacy Law - TeachPrivacy Training 05 small

Here’s my new Halloween cartoon. It captures the many different privacy laws that organizations must follow. I’m curious to know the various combinations of privacy laws that various organizations must deal with.

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Webinar – Privacy Law Careers

Webinar - Privacy Law Careers

If you couldn’t make it to my recent webinar on privacy law careers, you can watch the replay here.  I had a great discussion with Karen Berkley, Jeewon Serrato and Eulonda Sykes about lateral moves and breaking into the privacy law field.

I also maintain pages with advice and information about privacy law careers that may be of interest.


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AI and the Equality Machine: An Interview with Orly Lobel

Orly Lobel - Equality Machine 01

We often hear of the dark side of artificial intelligence (AI), how it will plunge us into a dystopian world of lost privacy and bad automated decisions, culminating in the robots killing us all. Professor Orly Lobel’s The Equality Machine: Harnessing Digital Technology for a Brighter, More Inclusive Future (Public Affairs, October 2022) offers a very different view – one of optimism.

Orly’s book is an exuberant and insightful account of the bright side of AI and related digital technologies. Her book is filled with fascinating facts and engaging stories. It’s a  refreshing perspective and a wonderful read.

Orly Lobel is the Warren Distinguished Professor of Law; University Professor; and Director, Center for Employment and Labor Policy at the U.C. San Diego School of Law. She has written several other terrific books, which are described on her website.

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Cartoon: HIPAA Confidentiality and PHI Sharing

Cartoon HIPAA Confidentiality - TeachPrivacy HIPAA Training 01

Here’s a cartoon about HIPAA confidentiality and our modern medical system. In the old days, medical confidentiality meant that people’s health information was seen by just a handful of people – doctors and their staff. These days, health information is widely shared. Countless people see a patient’s medical records and numerous organizations are provided with access.

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Webinar – Is Consumer Choice the Right Way to Protect Privacy?

If you couldn’t make it to my recent webinar on privacy and consumer choice, you can watch the replay here. I discussed the challenges of consumer choice in privacy with Christine Lyon (Freshfields), and Troy Sauro (Google).

I also have a paper on these issues that might be of interest, The Limitations of Privacy Rightsforthcoming in Notre Dame Law Review. You can download it here for free.

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Speaking at Peking University Law School


Peking University: The Limitations of Privacy Rights

On Thursday, September 8, 2022 I will be speaking with Peking University Law School about my paper, The Limitations of Privacy Rights, 98 Notre Dame Law Review __ (forthcoming 2023). Here’s a very brief synopsis of the paper:

Privacy laws often rely too heavily on individual rights, which are at most capable of being a supporting actor, a small component of a much larger architecture. This article discusses the common privacy rights, why each falls short, and the types of broader structural measures that can protect privacy in a more systematic, rigorous, and less haphazard way.

Peking University

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