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Back by popular demand, it’s time for another round of the funniest hacker stock photos.  Because I create information security awareness training (and HIPAA security training too), I  frequently find myself in need of a good hacker photo.

But good hacker photos are hard to find.  I often browse through countless images, each one more ridiculous than the next.

Last year, I brought you some of the funniest hacker stock photos I found. There are more . . . oh so many more!  Here are the lucky “winners” this year.

Hacker Stock Photo #1


This hacker looks to be channeling Kylo Ren from Star Wars. The Force is strong with this one.

Hacker Stock Photo #2

Security Awareness Training

Speaking of Star Wars, I didn’t realize that Jawas were hackers. Or is that the Terminator in there?

Hacker Stock Photo #3

Security Awareness Training

It’s always good to wear a mask when hacking – and thick gloves. Hackers all know that the trick to staying anonymous and untraceable is to wear a great mask and use thick gloves.

Healthy Hacking Tip: With all the dedicated hours logged at the computer, hackers must maintain good posture.  This hacker’s posture is deplorable, and we should be very concerned that he will have back problems in his old age.

Hacker Stock Photo #4

Security Awareness Training

In nearly every TV show or movie, hackers are always able to break in with less than 5 seconds of typing. How can they do it so quickly?  It’s all in the typing technique!  This photo captures one such very impressive typing technique.

Hacker Stock Photo #5

Security Awareness Training

A rare female hacker, wearing a stylish mask straight off the Paris runways. I’m not quite sure why she’s typing with a pen between her fingers, as there’s no paper on the desk, but perhaps that’s a fashion accessory too.

Hacker Stock Photo #6

Security Awareness Training

Did you ever have one of those nightmares when you arrive somewhere in only your underwear? Well, this pathetic hacker has done it in real life. He forgot to put on the rest of his ninja suit. He clearly is an amateur, because the best hackers show no skin.

Hacker Stock Photo #7

Security Awareness Training

This hacker comes straight out of Harry Potter – he looks like a Dementor . . . or just an empty jacket.

Hacker Stock Photo #8

Security Awareness Training

After all the trouble to cover up with the ninja suit and gloves, the mask is not quite up to par. I’m not quite sure what this hacker is looking at, but it sure must be a terrifying sight.

He also dances . . .

Security Awareness Training

Security Training

Security Training

Walk like an Egyptian . . .

Security Awareness Training

And he has brought along his buddies!

Security Awareness Training

Hacker Stock Photo #9

Security Awareness Training

Hackers are big supporters of the Second Amendment. The most dangerous hackers hack with guns.

It also seems that many hackers like to wear sunglasses. Corey Hart’s song “Sunglasses at Night” was actually about hacking, hence the lyrics:

While she’s deceiving me
She cuts my security
Has she got control of me?

Hacker Stock Photo #10

Security Awareness Training

Here is a hacker using some sophisticated hacking tools. You won’t find these sophisticated tools in any ordinary store.  You must go on the Dark Web if you want tools like these.

Hacker Stock Photo #11

Security Awareness Training

Here’s a sweet little family. Mommy and Daddy teaching their daughter how to hack.  And after a nice afternoon of hacking computers, they’ll be off to go hack up some people with axes.

Hacker Stock Photo #12

Security Awareness Training

A very rare glimpse of the hacker bunny! Long thought to be just a legend, now we know that indeed there really is a hacker bunny.  And this just is more evidence that using carrots rather than sticks is the best way to deal with hacking.

Hacker Stock Photo #13

Security Awareness Training

You thought Ransomware was bad, but now some hackers can actually crawl out of your computer! They’re very small, but they do bite.

Hacker Stock Photo #14

Security Awareness Training

Here we see one of the most sophisticated security measures – the lock and chain draped over the computer.  Hardly any hackers have been able to defeat this security measure.  In fact, in several cases, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has held that the failure to put a lock and chain on one’s computer is inadequate data security.

But some hackers have found a way to defeat even this measure. How?  Recall that the best hackers hack with thick gloves.  And if thick gloves are good for hacking, then thicker must be better.  With one punch, that lock will fall off, and the gloves make typing a breeze.

Hacker Stock Photo #15

Security Awareness Training

Really sophisticated hackers can now shoot laser beams out of their eyes.  If you’re a security professional, show this photo to the Board of Directors.  You’ll certainly get the security budget doubled!

Hacker Stock Photo #16

Security Awareness Training

This hacker is a total fashion disaster. For hackers, there is no new black.  Black is the only choice.  No respectable hacker would be caught dead in any other color.

A key to being a good hacker is preparation. This hacker, unfortunately, has come unprepared. He forgot his shoes and socks. The worst of it, though, is that although he has a keyboard and monitor, he forgot the computer.

Hacker Stock Photo #17

Security Awareness Training

I am at a loss for words here.  I need to find a way to work this one into my security training!  I have no idea how.

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