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Information Privacy Law Casebook - paperbacks

I’m happy to announce that Paul Schwartz and I have just published updated versions of our line of paperback privacy law casebooks. These paperbacks are excerpted parts of our Information Privacy Law casebook, which we recently published in a new 7th edition.  This new edition of the casebook has been revised to include the California Consumer Privacy Act, the GDPR, Carpenter, state biometric data laws, and many other new developments.

The paperback spinoff casebooks include:

Over at our Information Privacy Law casebooks website, you can see the table of contents for each book and find out information about obtaining review copies.

Also of possible interest is our short guidebook, PRIVACY LAW FUNDAMENTALS, published by IAPP.

IAPP offers a student discount and IAPP member discount. For more details, see IAPP’s page for the book.

Privacy Law Fundamentals 2019 03

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