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Webinar – Another Privacy Bill on Capitol Hill: The American Privacy Rights Act Blog

In case you missed my recent webinar with Laura Riposo VanDruff and Jules Polonetsky, you can watch the replay here.   We discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the American Privacy Rights Act (APRA) and its likelihood of passing.

AI, Algorithms, and Awful Humans – Final Published Version

I am pleased to share the final published version of my short essay with Yuki Matsumi. It was written for a symposium in Fordham Law Review. AI, Algorithms, and Awful Humans 92 Fordham L. Rev. 1923 (2024) Mini Abstract: This Essay critiques arguments that algorithmic decision-making is better than human decision-making. Two arguments are often advanced […]

European Data Protection Supervisor Interview

In this video, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) interviewed me as part of its 20 Talks Series to celebrate its 20th anniversary. From the EDPS description of this talk: “20 Talks is a series of insightful discussions with experts and influential personalities across diverse domains, looking into the profound implications of privacy and data […]

Webinar – Trust: What CEOs and Boards Must Know About Privacy and AI Blog

In case you missed my recent webinar with Dominique Shelton-Leipzig (Mayer Brown), you can watch the replay here.  We had a great discussion about why privacy is an issue that the C-Suite and Board must address. Dominique is the author of a new book on this topic, Trust.: Responsible AI, Innovation, Privacy and Data Leadership.

Cartoon: AI Bias

Here’s a new cartoon on AI bias and the magical thinking that AI is unbiased because technology is neutral.  Bias comes from the data that algorithms use, so the bias often pollutes the output. I discuss the issue in some of my recent work, including: Artificial Intelligence and Privacy AI, Algorithms, and Awful Humans The […]