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International Privacy+Security Forum

The International Privacy+Security Forum (February 26-27, 2018 in Washington DC) is next week.

The International Forum is a new annual sister event to the Privacy+Security Forum, an annual event held in October at George Washington University in Washington, DC.  The regular Privacy+Security Forum will be in its 4th year in 2018.  This past year, we had 800 participants.

Paul Schwartz and I created the International Forum to recognize the profound importance of international privacy and security law, not just abroad, but here in the United States.

We have 100 speakers and 30+ sessions.


The schedule is here:

We have two plenary keynotes:

Remarks on Privacy and Security in the EU
David O’Sullivan, Ambassador of the European Union to the United States

EU Ambassador

Global Information Privacy: Convergence or Divergence?
– Terrell McSweeney, Commissioner, FTC
– Winfried Veil, General and Legal IT, German Federal Ministry of the Interior
– Paul Schwartz, Professor, Berkeley Law (moderator)

Convergence or Divergence

Here is a listing of our sessions:

Africa and the Middle East

Developments in Data Protection in the Middle East


Emerging Privacy & Cybersecurity Laws in Asia

Developments in Chinese Privacy/Data Issues

China’s New Cybersecurity Law: Data Protection, Data Transfer and Breach Investigations in the World’s 2d Largest Economy

Japanese Privacy and Security Law


Privacy and Ethics in Global Group Litigation and Settlements

Breach Risk Management Methodology and Maturity Curve

Consent Management

What Does A Service Provider Using the Cloud Need to Do to Comply With GDPR?

APEC CPBR Certification and Framework Interoperability

The New Frontier: Globalizing Your Cyber-Preparedness and Response

International Health Data Beyond Patient Records: Physiological, Environmental and Behavioral Data Mobile Solutions

Global Cyber-Incidents: EU, US, and Beyond

Privacy and Data Protection as Part of Global Data Law?

Emerging Trends from Nation-State Hackers

Extraterritorial Effects of European-U.S. Privacy Laws

Privacy in Cross-Border Investigations


Accountability and Demonstrating Compliance under the GDPR

Article 30, GDPR and Records of Processing Activities

The Global Impact of GDPR Derogations: Where Doesn’t the GDPR Harmonize?

The One-Two Punch – The Impact of the GDPR and the ePrivacy Regulation on Digital Advertising in Europe

Preparing for GDPR Privacy Litigation

Geolocational Data in the EU and US

Vendor Management and the GDPR

Rolling Out a Global Privacy Policy for GDPR and Beyond

Post-GDPR Swiss and French Data Protection Law

Legitimate Interest under the GDPR

GDPR Enforcement Countdown

GDPR Transparency: Best Practices

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the GDPR

Data Transfer: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?

Latin and South America

Latin American Privacy with GDPR-as-Model

North America

Canadian Privacy Law for Global Companies: What You Need to Know


We have 100 speakers from around the world:

Please Join Us

We still have a few spots left, and I hope you can join us.  If you’re interested, you can register here:

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This post was authored by Professor Daniel J. Solove, who through TeachPrivacy develops computer-based privacy and data security training. He also posts at his blog at LinkedIn, which has more than 1 million followers.

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