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After years of careful study and extensive analysis, I have arrived at a solution to all the privacy and data security problems worldwide. Although I’ve been advised that I shouldn’t give away such a perfect solution to such a vexing problem for free, my drive to altruism is simply too strong.

Without further ado . . .

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Don’t collect personal data.


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April Fool’s!

There is another solution — not quite a miracle cure all, but definitely very helpful — privacy and cybersecurity training!  And that’s no joke.

With Professor Woodrow Hartzog, I have also solved the challenge of legal compliance more generally: The Ultimate Unifying Approach to Complying with All Laws and Regulations, 19 Green Bag 2d 223 (2016).


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This post was authored by Professor Daniel J. Solove, who through TeachPrivacy develops computer-based privacy training, data security training, HIPAA training, and many other forms of awareness training on privacy and security topics.  

Privacy+Security ForumProfessor Solove is the organizer, along with Paul Schwartz of the Privacy + Security Forum (Oct. 24-26, 2016 in Washington, DC), an annual event that aims to bridge the silos between privacy and security. 

If you are interested in privacy and data security issues, there are many great ways Professor Solove can help you stay informed:
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