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by Daniel J. Solove

According to a survey commissioned by Thales e-Security, the use of encryption by organizations is increasing.  Ten years ago, only 15% had an enterprise-wide encryption strategy. Now, 36% have such a strategy.

Chart Encryption Increase 01 Some other interesting findings from the survey also found, according to a ZDNet article:

Industries with the highest use of encryption:
1. Financial Services
2. Healthcare
3. Pharmaceuticals

Type of data most likely encrypted:
1. Employee and HR Data
2. Financial Records
3. Intellectual Property

Only about a third encrypted customer information.

The main driver that inspired organizations to use encryption was regulation.  This was more of a reason than “to protect information against specific, identified threats.”  This fact shows that regulation plays an important role, as some are more motivated to follow regulation than to protect themselves against risks.  Ironically, the costs of failing to follow regulation are often much less than the costs of a breach.

What about the 64% that aren’t using encryption in a systematic way?  Why aren’t they?

The survey listed the challenge of locating the sensitive data as the biggest one.  Another hurdle was figuring out the types of data to detect.  Storing and managing encryption keys was also identified as a major challenge.

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