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Highlights 2019 Solove Privacy 03

Here are some of  highlights of my privacy training, writing, resources, and humor from 2019.

CCPA Resources


CCPA FAQ - TeachPrivacy CCPA Training 03

My CCPA FAQ covers all the key details of the California Consumer Protection Act.

CCPA Regulation Chart

CCPA Rregulation Chart - TeachPrivacy CCPA Training 02

This chart, created by Maggie Gloeckle, links CCPA provisions to the corresponding sections of the draft CCPA regulation.

CCPA Training Guide

This guide discusses the CCPA’s training requirements and make recommendations for how organizations can meet these requirements.

CCPA Whiteboard

The CCPA summarized in just 1 page!



ALI Principles of Law, Data Privacy:  Overview and Black Letter Text

American Law Institute (ALI) Data Privacy 01

Paul Schwartz posted our essay along with the black letter text of the ALI Principles of the Law, Data Privacy.  The piece, which is available for free on SSRN, is called: ALI Data Privacy: Overview and Black Letter Text.  This project is an attempt to create a comprehensive approach to data privacy for the United States and aims to provide a blueprint for policymakers to regulate privacy comprehensively and effectively.

Privacy Law Fundamentals – New Edition

In May, Paul Schwartz released a new edition of our short guide to privacy law.  This edition is designed to be a quick reference to privacy law and includes essential cases, regulations, statute and other notable developments.

Special Projects

An Open Letter to Law School Deans about Privacy Law Education in Law Schools

Privacy Law Educational Progaram

In November, I organized a group of legal academics and practitioners in the field of privacy law to send a letter to the deans of all US law schools about the importance of privacy law education in law school.


Anatomy of a Privacy Law

Anatomy of a Privacy Law - Prof Daniel Solove 01

I created the above infographic in May to catalog the various elements that privacy laws often have.

Blog Posts

Will the United States Finally Enact a Federal Comprehensive Privacy Law?

Comprehensive Privacy Law US - TeachPrivacy CCPA Training 01

The FTC Can Rise to the Privacy Challenge, but Not Without Help From Congress


Over at Lawfare, I have an essay co-authored by Chris Hoofnagle and Woodrow Hartzog called The FTC Can Rise to the Privacy Challenge, but Not Without Help From Congress.  This piece is also posted at the Brooking Institution’s TechTank

Notable Privacy and Security Books 2019

My annual list of notable privacy+security books.

CCPA Training

CCPA Courses

CCPA Training 10 min 15 min

Available in 2 versions, my new CCPA course covers all of the requirements and obligations under the new law.

CCPA Interactive Whiteboard

Module CCPA Whiteboard Interactive 03

This program (~5.5 mins) is an interactive whiteboard that summarizes the CCPA succinctly.

CCPA Short Add On for Global Privacy Awareness Courses

Module CCPA Add On 01

This short CCPA add on (~2 min) is designed to be inserted into our longer privacy awareness courses to cover areas where the CCPA diverges from the GDPR and other privacy laws.

Marketing Privacy Training

I released a series of courses related to privacy concerns in marketing early in the year.

Telemarketing and the TCPA

Module Marketing Telemarketing TCPA 03 border


Texting and the TCPA

Module Marketing Texting TCPA 02


Emailing and the CAN-SPAM Act

Marketing Email and CAN-SPAM 02


HIPAA Certificate Training Course Series 

HIPAA Foundations Course Series

I also started offering a series of three courses on the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. The series provides a foundational understanding of HIPAA. Professionals who successfully complete all three courses in the series receive a certificate in HIPAA.  Each course may be purchased separately.

Course Packages

I started bundling my courses and resources into topic-specific packages as well.

HIPAA Writings

HIPAA Right to Access

Here are a few of my writings specific to HIPAA from 2019:

The Failure of HIPAA’s Right of Access

First OCR Enforcement of HIPAA’s Right of Access

A Major Move to Weaken HIPAA


Here is a sampling of some of my humor and cartoons from the past year:

The Funniest Privacy and Security Stock Photos

Security On Off


Cartoon Data Security Breach 02 small Cartoon Data Beach Notification - TeachPrivacy Security Awareness Training 02 small
Cartoon Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) - TeachPrivacy CCPA Training 02 Cartoon Cookies and the GDPR

Click here for more cartoons.

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This post was authored by Professor Daniel J. Solove, who through TeachPrivacy develops computer-based privacy and data security training. He also posts at his blog at LinkedIn, which has more than 1 million followers.

Professor Solove is the organizer, along with Paul Schwartz, of the annual Privacy + Security Forum events.

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