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Baseball’s “Hacking” Case: Are You a Hacker Too?

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By Daniel J. Solove


I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan, so I guess it is fitting that my favorite team becomes embroiled in a big privacy and data security incident.  At the outset, apologies for the feature photo above.  It pulled up under a search for “baseball hacker,” and as a collector of ridiculous hacker stock photos, I couldn’t resist adding this one to my collection.  I doctored it up by adding in the background, but I applaud the prophetic powers of the photographer who had a vision that one day such an image would be needed.

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The Lori Drew Case: Does the CFAA Require Knowledge?

Lori Drew Megan Meier Case

Over at Wired’s Threat Level Blog, Kim Zetter is providing great coverage of the Lori Drew case.

Here’s her post about Tina Meier’s testimony (the mother of Megan Meier).

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