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The Official Leaked US News Law School Rankings, Plus Ranking Secrets Revealed!

US News

I’ve got the scoop of the year! An anonymous source from US News & World Report leaked this memo to me. It is a memo written by the magazine’s “law school ranking executive” describing how the magazine arrived at this year’s official rankings. See below for a sneak peak at this year’s rankings as well […]

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More Reflections on Legal Education


Brian Tamanaha has just posted another interesting post in the discussion about legal education. He writes: Most law schools now follow the elite model, striving to hire faculty and produce scholarship like research universities, when it might better serve the interests of many non-elite law schools and their students to concentrate on training good lawyers. […]

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Interdisciplinary Scholarship and the Cost of Legal Education


The other day, I responded to a post by Brian Tamanaha regarding interdisciplinary legal study at non-elite law schools. Brian suggested that non-elite schools reconsider whether they ought to pursue interdisciplinary legal scholarship, and I argued that they should. In a follow-up post, Brian has clarified his argument: […]

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Is Interdisciplinary Legal Study a Luxury?

Interdisciplinary Legal Studies

Over at Balkinization, Professor Brian Tamanaha (St. John’s School of Law) argues that most law schools should abandon their vigorous pursuit of interdisciplinary studies in law: [P]erhaps detailed knowledge of the social sciences—anything beyond rudimentary information every educated person should possess—is irrelevant to the practice of law. It seems evident that one can be an […]

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