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Cartoon on Big Data and Information Gathering

Daniel Solove
Founder of TeachPrivacy


Cartoon on Big Data and Data Collection - TeachPrivacy Privacy Awareness Training

Here’s a cartoon I created about Big Data and information gathering that I haven’t yet posted.  Hope you enjoy it!

I recently compiled some of my cartoons into booklets.   You can download them for free here:

Privacy Cartoon Book

Privacy Cartoon Book - TeachPrivacy Training 01a

HIPAA Cartoon Book

HIPAA Cartoon Book - TeachPrivacy Training 02c

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GDPR Cartoon: Taking Privacy Seriously

Daniel Solove
Founder of TeachPrivacy


I created this cartoon to illustrate the fact that despite the increasing risk that privacy violations pose to an organization, many organizations are not increasing the funding and resources devoted to privacy.  More work gets thrown onto the shoulders of under-resourced privacy departments.

It is time that the C-Suite (upper management) wakes up to the reality that privacy is a significant risk and an issue of great importance to the organization.  Looming on the horizon is the enforcement of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will begin in 2018.  It’s never too early for organizations to start preparing.  GDPR imposes huge potential fines for non-compliant organizations — up to 4% of global turnover in many cases.  For more information, see the FAQ page I created about the GDPR and privacy awareness training.

Of course, the C-Suite may be quick to say that privacy is very important, but what matters most are the actions they take.  Privacy office budgets and sizes should be going up by a lot these days.

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