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HIPAA Cartoon: HIPAA as an Excuse

Cartoon HIPAA as an Excuse

This cartoon depicts something that happens far too often with HIPAA — HIPAA is used as an excuse not to do something (such as make disclosures or provide access to records in ways that patients request) even though HIPAA doesn’t have such a restriction.  This is often done out of a lack of knowledge about HIPAA.  Healthcare providers frequently have mistaken notions of HIPAA being far more restrictive than it actually is.  For example, last year, I wrote a post about how numerous healthcare providers wrongly use HIPAA as an excuse to refuse to email medical records to patients. Ironically, instead of forbidding it, HIPAA actually requires that medical records be emailed to patients if patients so request.

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HIPAA Cartoon on HIPAA’s Jargon

HIPAA Cartoon - TeachPrivacy HIPAA Training

HIPAA is famously impenetrable, with so many special terms and definitions.  I wrote this cartoon to capture the wonderful world of HIPAA jargon, which I hope fellow lovers of HIPAA can appreciate.

AHIMA LogoFor those who want an introduction to HIPAA and how the Privacy Rule and the Security Rule work, I produced a series of courses on HIPAA for the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Each course is approximately 1 hour long.  The courses are:

• HIPAA Privacy: The Pillars of a Privacy Program
• HIPAA Privacy: Rights and Responsibilities
• HIPAA Security: Safeguarding PHI

They are available through AHIMA, but you can preview them on my site here.

HIPAA Courses - AHIMAThese AHIMA HIPAA courses are not for the entire workforce — the courses are for personnel who focus on HIPAA compliance and need to understand the basics of how HIPAA works.  My HIPAA training for the workforce is shorter as well as more basic and general.

I have another HIPAA cartoon here.

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