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Cartoon About Connected Devices

Cartoon Connected Devices - Internet of Things

This cartoon depicts the potential future of the Internet of Things.  As more and more devices are connected to the Internet, including ones implanted in people’s bodies, increasing thought must be given to the privacy and security implications.  The speed of technological development is moving at a far greater pace than the speed of policy thinking regarding privacy and security.

How will the security of new devices be regulated?  The market doesn’t seem to be adequately addressing the security of the Internet of Things.  Bad security in devices has externalities beyond the users, as devices can be used as part of botnets to attack other targets.

How will privacy be designed into devices?  How will notice and choice work?  When privacy is “baked in” to a device, do the engineers have a comprehensive understanding of privacy?  How will consumers be able to understand and respond to these design choices?

Should there be special considerations for medical devices or any device that is implantable in a person?

We still await satisfactory answers to these questions . . . but the expansion of the Internet of Things isn’t waiting.

Here’s an earlier cartoon I created regarding the Internet of Things:

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