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Phishing Your Employees: 3 Essential Tips

Phishing Training

A popular way some organizations are raising awareness about phishing is by engaging in simulated phishing exercises of their workforce.  Such simulated phishing can be beneficial, but there are some potential pitfalls and also important things to do to ensure that it is effective.

1. Be careful about data collection and discipline

Think about the data that you gather about employee performance on simulated phishing.  It can be easy to overlook the implications of maintaining and using this data.  I look at it through the lens of its privacy risks.  This is personal data that can be quite embarrassing to people — and potentially have reputational and career consequences.  How long will the data be kept?  What will be done with it?  How securely will it be kept?  What if it were compromised and publicized online?

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New Security Training Program: Social Engineering: Spies and Sabotage

Module Data Security Spies and Sabotage 02

I am pleased to announce the launch of our new training program, Social Engineering: Spies and Sabotage. This course is a short module (~7 minutes long) that provides a general introduction to social engineering.

After discussing several types of social engineering (phishing, baiting, pretexting, and tailgaiting), the course provides advice for avoiding these tricks and scams. Key points are applied and reinforced with 4 scenario quiz questions.

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The High Cost of Phishing and the ROI of Phishing Training

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A study recently revealed that nearly 25% of data breaches involve phishing, and it is the second most frequent data security threat companies face.  Phishing is an enormous problem, and it is getting worse.

Phishing threats -- Verizon report 2015 threats

In a staggering statistic, on average, a company with 10,000 employees will spend $3.7 million per year handling phishing attacks.

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The Terrifying Math of Phishing

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by Daniel J. Solove

Although we are seeing increasingly more sophisticated attempts at phishing, it appears as though many phishers still haven’t been able to get their hands on a program with spell check.  Why are we still seeing the $10 million lottery winning emails?  Or the long lost relative of yours living in Fiji who is leaving you $4 million?

A recent article explains that for the phishers, it is all a numbers game:

“So, if 97 per cent of phishing attempts are unsuccessful, why is it such a large issue? Because there are 156 million phishing emails sent worldwide daily. . . . Of the 156 million phishing emails sent daily, 16 million get through filters. Another eight million are opened by recipients. 800,000 click on the link provided, and 80,000 provide the information requested.”

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