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Why All Law Schools Should Teach Privacy Law — and Why Many Don’t

why law schools should teach privacy

by Daniel J. Solove

Since 2000, I have taught a law school course in information privacy law. When I started teaching, I could count the number of law schools that had such a course on one hand.

Today, by my rough estimate, I believe that the course is offered in about 40-50 law schools.

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How to Enter the Privacy Profession

privacy profession

by Daniel J. Solove

The privacy profession is growing by leaps and bounds, but entering it is tricky. My law students and others frequently ask me how they can enter the privacy field. Most jobs seem to require a few years of experience, but the privacy profession is still relatively new, and getting this experience can be difficult because there are not many clear paths to entry.

Once in the field, the demand is high for privacy professionals with experience. But there is a bottleneck in getting into the club. I have written about this problem in a previous blog post.

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