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The $500,000 Value of Data Security Awareness Training

data security awareness training

by Daniel J. Solove

It has long been difficult to quantify the ROI of data security awareness training.

But finally, I have been able to locate a number. According to a 2014 PricewaterhouseCoopers study: “The financial value of employee awareness is even more compelling. Organizations that do not have security awareness programs—in particular, training for new employees—report significantly higher average financial losses from cybersecurity incidents. Companies without security training for new hires reported average annual financial losses of $683,000, while those do have training said their average financial losses totaled $162,000.”

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Does Training Really Work? Can It Reduce Data Security Breaches?

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by Daniel J. Solove

According to a recent report by Enterprise Management Associates, 56% of employees are not receiving any sort of data security awareness training.

This is a rather distressing statistic. It is particularly distressing because according to another study, “when specific employee behaviors are addressed in a meaningful way to bring about a security-aware culture, the incidence and cost of non-compliance plummets.”

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