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robot hacker working with computer notebook

It’s time for another installment of the funniest hacker stock photos.  Because I create information security awareness training (and HIPAA security training too), I’m always in the hunt for hacker photos.

For this round, I focus on the future of hacking, so I looked closely for hacker stock photos that depicted the most state-of-the-art hacking techniques as well as a glimpse into the future.

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Here are this year’s pictures.  Enjoy!


Hacker Stock Photo #1


This guy might be one of the creepiest hackers I’ve ever seen.

And, he’s part of a new Las Vegas musical act called “Hacker Man Group”



Hacker Stock Photo #2


I am quite confused about why this hacker needs a magnifying glass if he’s wearing a virtual reality headset.   How does he even see the magnifying glass?  I guess this is a twist on The Matrix, as he appears to have the powers to warp time and space.

Hacker Stock Photo #3

Hacker silhouette on the blue background with binary code texture.

Ruh roh!  Hackers from outer space.

Hacker Stock Photo #4

hacker attack background, portrait of a skull in the hood over black background

This hacker is furious because he wasn’t cast in Lord of the Rings.  He appears to be some kind of skeleton robot, and he calls himself “the Grim Hacker.”  If this is the future of hacking, be afraid, very afraid!

Hacker Stock Photo #5

Computer hacker concept background

This hacker from the future is also quite creepy.  He was originally a cute Jawa, but he went bad after the Ewoks were invented.  Who can blame him?

Hacker Stock Photo #6Young hacker in hoodie in front of laptop

They start so young these days!  Here’s one of the next generation of hackers.  He makes his parents proud!

Hacker Stock Photo #7


This is the Internet of Things gone bad — very bad.  People worry about hackers breaking into things, such as hacking your child’s Internet-connected teddy bear.

But the future is far scarier.  The teddy bears of the future — created with artificial intelligence — will grow bored playing with your kid.  These bears will turn to hacking.

Remember Chucky?  Child's Play

Now imagine him with an Internet connection!

Hacker Stock Photo #8

I know I’m giving you the creeps, but the hackers of the future still have nothing on the present.  This guy is one of the creepiest hackers I’ve seen.


I’m going to have nightmares.

Hacker Stock Photo #9

Hacker in Cyberspace

This hacker has got it all — a cyclops-cyborg with matrix face and laser eye.  Watch out for this guy!

Hacker Stock Photo #10

Young hacker hacking into computer at night

This is a hacker from the present-day, using very sophisticated cutting-edge hacking techniques.  Hackers using computers is so old-fashioned these days. . . .  But the caption for this stock photo states: “Young hacker hacking into computer at night.”  I am confused.

This hacker is rightfully interested in what is in all those blue binders.  They all look identical, with no titles on them, so I’m sure he’s very curious what’s in each one. Note that there is one green binder.  Did they run out of blue ones?

Hacker Stock Photo #11

Hacker at work

This one is called “Hacker at work.”  I think it’s from one of the Star Wars movies, as it looks like he’s using the force.  Hands on the keyboard is just so passe.

Hacker Stock Photo #12

Ransomware Cyber Criminal in Black Hooded Top

This is an epic hacking fail.  Instead of encrypting people’s computers with ransomware, this hacker has encrypted his own face!

Hacker Stock Photo #13

robot hacker in server room

With artificial intelligence, the hackers of the future will be robots.

Pull off the mask, and below is what future hackers look like from the inside.  This reminds me of opening up my old Apple IIe from the 1980s.

Human Cyborg Robot

Hacker Stock Photo #14

robot hacker working with computer notebook

Here’s a future hacker at work.  I don’t know why a robot hacker needs to wear these odd glasses, but there’s a lot about the future I don’t yet understand.

Hacker Stock Photo #15

Darknet Hacker

This robot hacker seems to have no need for glasses with his laser eyes.

Hacker Stock Photo #16


I just love the lipstick!  Also, it appears that his body is a tripod — part of the very sophisticated way that this hacker has been assembled.

Hacker Stock Photo #17

Okay, without further ado, here’s the most futuristic of them all:


Behold the future of hacking!

And the future is nigh upon us.  Can we turn back?  Can we prevent this dystopia?  Alas, probably not.  The hackers are now evolving beyond out control.  Sorry to break it you, but we’re doomed . . .


* * * *

This post was authored by Professor Daniel J. Solove, who through TeachPrivacy develops computer-based privacy training, data security training, HIPAA training, and many other forms of awareness training on privacy and security topics.  Professor Solove also posts at his blog at LinkedIn.  His blog has more than 1 million followers.

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