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Highlights Privacy Security 2020

Here are some of  highlights of my privacy training, writing, resources, and humor from 2020.


The Myth of the Privacy Paradox

Download Article Solove Myth of the Privacy Paradox

In this article, I deconstruct and critique the privacy paradox and the arguments made about it. The “privacy paradox” is the phenomenon where people say that they value privacy highly, yet in their behavior relinquish their personal data for very little in exchange or fail to use measures to protect their privacy.

7th Edition of Information Privacy Law Casebook

Information Privacy Law Casebook - 7th editionThe Seventh Edition of Information Privacy Law has been revised to include the California Consumer Privacy Act, the GDPR, Carpenter, state biometric data laws, and many other new developments.

New Casebook – EU Data Protection and the GDPR

EU Data Protection and the GDPR Casebook
Paul Schwartz and I have launched a new casebook, EU Data Protection and the GDPR.

Developed from the casebook Information Privacy Law, this paperback contains key cases and materials focusing on privacy issues related to the GDPR and data protection in the European Union. Topics covered include the GDPR, Schrems cases, the right to be forgotten, and international data transfers. The book also contains key excerpts from the GDPR.

Updated Line of Paperback Privacy Law CasebooksInformation Privacy Law Casebook - paperbacks

Paul Schwartz and I  published updated versions of our line of paperback privacy law casebooks. These paperbacks are excerpted parts of our Information Privacy Law casebook, which we recently published in a new 7th edition.  This new edition of the casebook has been revised to include the California Consumer Privacy Act, the GDPR, Carpenter, state biometric data laws, and many other new developments.

Special Projects

The EyeMonger

The Eyemonger - children's book about privacyIn November, I published a children’s book about privacy. The Eyemonger is available on

ALI Data Privacy Principles

ALI Data Privacy

The ALI Data Privacy Principles came out in print.  Professor Paul Schwartz and I were the co-reporters on the project. With a great team of advisers plus the helpful comments of ALI members, we drafted this document, which is similar to a model code. We have a forthcoming essay coming out in 2021 in the UCLA Law Review about the project and its black letter principles: ALI Data Privacy: Overview and Black Letter Text.


YouTube Channel

YouTube Peter Fleischer Criminal Prosecution in Italy

I launched a YouTube channel this year where you can check out my interviews and discussions with privacy experts with wide ranging expertise.  We’ve covered issues from Schrems II to CPRA to AI and more to come in 2021.


What Are the Requirements for HIPAA Training?

HIPAA Training Requirements - TeachPrivacy 01

What Are the Requirements for CCPA Training?

Blog Posts

The FTC Zoom Case: Does the FTC Need a New Approach?

FTC Zoom Case

Brazil’s LGPD: Its Sudden Jolt to Life and Its Key Requirements

LGPD - Brazil - TeachPrivacy LGPD Training

The Deal with Data Rights: An Interview with Heather Federman

Data Rights

The Impact of the Schrems II Decision: An Interview with Wim Nauwelaerts

Schrems II

Schrems II: Reflections on the Decision and Next Steps

Schrems II - US Surveillance Law


The Schrems II Decision

Privacy Shield

The Three General Approaches to Privacy Regulation

Three Approaches to Privacy Law

How Cyberinsurance Is Responding to Ransomware: An Interview with Ken Suh, Mark Singer, and Marcello Antonucci

Ransomware and the Role of Cyber Insurance: An Interview with Kimberly Horn

hacker setting up ransomware

A Terrifying New Dimension of Ransomware


Notable Privacy and Security Books 2020

My annual list of notable privacy+security books.


This year, I launched many new courses and gave some of my existing courses a fresh new look.

International Course Series

I am building a library international privacy law courses.  Each course covers the basics of privacy laws in different countries and also includes a whiteboard for easy reference.  I have the ones below available now (can be purchased for individual use or for company-wide license) and will be adding many more throughout 2021:

Brazil’s LGPD

Mexico’s Federal Privacy Law

Colombia General Personal Data Protection Law

Turkey’s LPPD

Privacy Regulation in China

New Global Privacy Awareness

TeachPrivacy Privacy Awareness Training

I released a new look for my Global Privacy and Data Protection course.  The course is about 25 minutes and contains 10 quiz questions.

GDPR Course

I released a new 20 minute version of my GDPR course.


FERPA Training Course

The course provides a detailed intro to FERPA. Co-authored by LeRoy Rooker, former Director, Dep’t of Education FCPO, the course is designed for school administrators and staff, especially those working in the registrar’s office.


I recently launched a store on the TeachPrivacy website where individuals can license our courses, cartoons, whiteboards, posters, and other resources for personal use.


Cartoon HIPAA De-Identification - TeachPrivacy HIPAA Training 02 small Cartoon Privacy Paradox - TeachPrivacy Privacy Training 02 small
Cartoon GDPR Lawful Basis - TeachPrivacy GDPR Training Cartoon Privacy and Technology - TeachPrivacy Privacy Training

Click here for more cartoons.

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This post was authored by Professor Daniel J. Solove, who through TeachPrivacy develops computer-based privacy and data security training. He also posts at his blog at LinkedIn, which has more than 1 million followers.

Professor Solove is the organizer, along with Paul Schwartz, of the annual Privacy + Security Forum events.

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