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HackerBack by popular demand, it’s another installment of the funniest hacker stock photos.  Because I create security awareness training (and HIPAA security training too), I’m always in the hunt for hacker photos.

Hacker techniques have evolved over the years, and so have hacker stock photos. Now, many of them are created by AI.  Whether created by humans or machines, they are generally quite ridiculous.

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Hacker Stock Photo #1


I have no way to explain this one except that it is Barbie marketing gone wrong.

Hacker Stock Photo #2


Neon masks are the new “in” thing for hacking these days.

Hacker Stock Photo #3


This one was AI generated. I guess AI think that people need to be wired into something in order to work. Also, the AI thinks that there’s no need for eyes when hacking.

Hacker Stock Photo #4

Mouse Computer Hacker In Front Of Green Monitor Generative AI

Another AI-generated hacker image.  Channeling the movie Ratatouille but with a mouse, I guess the caption on this should be: “Anyone can hack.”

Hacker Stock Photo #5

Pug Hacker Hacking Generative AI

Another AI-generated image. Apparently, AI thinks that dogs can hack too.

Hacker Stock Photo #6

Hacker Cat

Of course cats can be hackers . . . or, more accurately, all cats are hackers.

Hacker Stock Photo #7

Hacker Bunny

Another one generated by AI. Looks like the algorithm was trained on lots of Pixar movies.

Hacker Stock Photo #8

Rabbit Computer Hacker Programming Generative AI

This one is also generated by AI. I think the algorithm must have been trained on Donnie Darko.

Hacker Stock Photo #9


Cutest hacker ever.

Hacker Stock Photo #10


As I said above, all cats are hackers. This one is mad at the world – we need some catnip pronto! This image was generated by AI. Notice the whiskers look like unfolded paperclips . . . and look at the frightening paws! Yikes!

Hacker Stock Photo #11

Hacker Lion

Another Barbie marketing tie-in — generated by AI! I think this algorithm was trained on lions, hipsters, and Barbie.

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