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The Star Wars Kid Strikes Back

Star Wars Kid

In The Future of Reputation, I wrote about the Star Wars Kid, the teenager who made a video of himself pretending to fight with a lightsaber.  The video was uploaded to the Web without his consent, and he was ridiculed around the world, his video being downloaded tens of millions of times.

For years, nobody knew what happened to him.  A news article now reports:

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Facebook Recants

Facebook 01

The other day, I blogged about Facebook’s change in its Terms of Service, indicating it would keep user data potentially forever. In response to a public backlash, Facebook is restoring its old Terms of Service and will work to revise its Terms of Service to better define user rights. From CNN:

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The Vexing Problem of Shared Personal Data

Privacy and Facebook Comments

I blogged earlier about the recent privacy kerfuffle with Facebook’s potentially permanent control over user data. In that post, I critiqued the “trust us” response that Facebook and so many companies make when responding to issues involving the use of people’s data.

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