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2023 Highlights: Scholarship

2023 Highlights - Scholarship 02

Here’s a roundup of my scholarship for 2023. With Professor Paul Schwartz, I published a new edition of my casebook, Information Privacy Law as well as new editions of the topical paperbacks (will be in print by the end of December).  One article came out in print, and I have several paper drafts in various stages of […]

2022 Highlights: Scholarship and Writings

Here’s a roundup of my scholarship and writings for 2022. SCHOLARSHIP BOOKS  BREACHED! WHY DATA SECURITY LAW FAILS AND HOW TO IMPROVE IT (Oxford U. Press 2022) (with Woodrow Harzog) Free chapter: Unifying Privacy and Data Security PRIVACY LAW FUNDAMENTALS (IAPP 6th ed. 2022) (with Paul Schwartz) Free chapter: An Overview of Privacy Law

The Best Books About Privacy

Best Privacy Books

I was invited by Shepherd to list my recommendations for the 5 best books about privacy. Shepherd is a site that posts lists of best books recommended by experts about various topics. It has excellent lists. I was delighted to have the chance to share my admiration for superb books by Woodrow Hartzog, Danielle Citron, […]