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2022 Highlights: Scholarship and Writings

Here’s a roundup of my scholarship and writings for 2022. SCHOLARSHIP BOOKS  BREACHED! WHY DATA SECURITY LAW FAILS AND HOW TO IMPROVE IT (Oxford U. Press 2022) (with Woodrow Harzog) Free chapter: Unifying Privacy and Data Security PRIVACY LAW FUNDAMENTALS (IAPP 6th ed. 2022) (with Paul Schwartz) Free chapter: An Overview of Privacy Law

The Best Books About Privacy

Best Privacy Books

I was invited by Shepherd to list my recommendations for the 5 best books about privacy. Shepherd is a site that posts lists of best books recommended by experts about various topics. It has excellent lists. I was delighted to have the chance to share my admiration for superb books by Woodrow Hartzog, Danielle Citron, […]